By Tanu Henry and Joe W. Bowers Jr. California Black Media

Last week, San Francisco’s Mayor London Breed issued a statement that reparations – particularly cash payments — for past injustices suffered by Black Americans who are descendants of enslaved people are best handled at the federal level. 

Breed issued the statement after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ endorsement on Sept. 19 of a reparations plan submitted in June by an advisory board of Black leaders in the city. 

The 400-page plan lists 115 recommendations, including individual payments of up to $5 million per eligible Black resident. It also calls for investments in Black-owned businesses, education, housing and attracting more Black residents to the city. 

In her statement, Breed committed to undertake certain city initiatives to address inequity like a guaranteed income program and implementing a plan to allocate $60 million every year for investment in the Black community.