Sun Reporter Foundation

he Sun-Reporter Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization with the sole purpose of providing scholarships to qualified African American students to further their college education. Scholarships are awarded annually, and generally range from $2,500 to $10,000 per student.The board members of the Sun-Reporter Foundation represent three African American professional leaders in the Bay Area:
* Amelia Ashley-Ward is owner and publisher of The Sun-Reporter Publishing Company, a group on nine weekly newspapers targeting Northern California’s African American community.
* Naomi Kelly, an attorney, is Purchaser for the City and County of San Francisco.
* Dwayne Jones is former Director of Young Community Developers and former director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Community Development. He is currently Director of Communities of Opportunity for the City and County of San Francisco and former National Football League player.The Sun-Reporter Foundation celebrated its inaugural event in May of 2004 and awarded some $25,000 in scholarships to five (5) African American students. More than 1300 guests attended this affair sponsored by Primus Industries, Residential Builders Association, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Macy’s West, Vanguard Foundation, Wells Fargo Bank, Union Bank of California, San Francisco 49ers, Nordstrom and others.The Foundations next event hasn’t been scheduled yet. For sponsorship information, please call Amelia Ashley-Ward at (415) 671-1000.