Last week, The California Commission on Aging (CCoA) announced that it has re-elected Cheryl Brown as its Chair at its Nov. 9, general meeting in Sacramento.

“Chair Brown will guide the Commission with Vice-Chair David Lindeman, who was also re-elected for the 2024 term,” read the press statement from the CCoA.

Brown, who served two terms in the Assembly representing the 47th district from 2012 to 2016, brings a diverse personal, professional and public experience, as well as range of skills, to her role on the Commission, including working as a family caregiver. Brown has served as a county urban planner and she is the former co-publisher of the Black Voice News in Riverside, along with her husband Hardy Brown.

After winning re-election, Brown thanked the CCoA.

“I believe in the “California for All” message. To that effort, I want to make multi-generational activities key. We will celebrate 50 Years as a Commission next year and I’m looking forward to leading that effort,” said Brown, who served as a founding member of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee for the California Master Plan on Aging (MPA), in a statement.

The CCoA praised Brown for her accomplishments during her first term.

“Chair Brown led the advancement of CCoA policy priorities, and legislation, and raised the visibility of the Commission,” the statement read.