San Francisco, CA – Reverend Cecil Williams was the conscience of our San Francisco community. He spoke out against injustice and he spoke for the marginalized. He led with compassion and wisdom, always putting the people first and never relenting in his pursuit of justice and equality. His kindness brought people together and his vision changed our City and the world.


What he created at Glide Memorial Church, along with his partner Janice Mirikitani, saved and transformed countless lives. Their impact will never be matched. Cecil and Jan showed how supportive housing, wraparound programs and love can uplift troubled communities and create dignity, hope and opportunity.


Growing up, there were members of the African-American community that inspired us to dream, and to serve, and Cecil Williams was at the top of that list. Cecil mentored generations of San Francisco leaders, many of us emerging from the most difficult circumstances.


As a young girl, I would never have dreamed I’d grow up to work with him. We all benefited from his guidance, his support, and his moral compass. We would not be who we are as a city and a people without the legendary Cecil Williams.