By: Amelia Ashley Ward, Publisher of the Sun-Reporter.


The Sun-Reporter would like to be added to the growing list of supporters calling for United States Senator Dianne Feinstein to resign.

The 89-year-old Senator, representing California, has been sick for months and unable to fulfill her duties. She has missed voting on dozens of critical issues, some having an impact on women’s reproductive rights.

This paper has supported Senator Feinstein throughout her stellar career in politics. We supported her election for the San Francisco  Board of Supervisors,

stood with her when she became Mayor of the City on that tragic day in November of 1978 when Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated

by Supervisor Dan White.  At that time, we were also coping with the Jonestown massacre, where many of the 900 victims were from SF. Her leadership guided us through turbulent times. Senator Feinstein had a good 10 year run as Mayor, even surviving a recall. Our supporters joined us to eagerly support the first woman to lead our city.

This paper also supported her unsuccessful run for Governor, and then later joined the people to elect her this state’s longest serving Senator.

As a member of some powerful senate committees, particularly the Judiciary Committee, where extremist judges are stripping away the rights of women, she has been absent

for months. This country is in a crisis and Senator Feinstein is no longer doing what the people elected her to do; to be present, speak out and vote. Now is not the time to let loyalty and entitlement live in the space where the fight for justice should reside. Too much is at stake, we should not sit by, remain silent and wait for a new Senator to be elected in 20 months.

There are no Black women serving in the US Senate. What a disgrace! We fought hard to send now Vice President Kamala Harris to Washington, D.C. We were disappointed when Governor Gavin Newsom didn’t appoint another Black woman to replace her. He chose then secretary of state  Alex Padilla to replace Senator Harris, and shut some of us up by giving our community the state’s first Black secretary of state, Dr. Shirley Weber. Thank you, but that wasn’t a fair swap. Governor Newsom has promised to appoint a Black woman if a Senate seat becomes available. Senator Padilla told told us he would also support a Black woman. Well, now is the time to poke them both. Ask them to join the call for Senator Feinstein to resign, and to support and appoint a Black woman.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee is in the race to replace Feinstein in 2024. She has 35 years of experience as a California member of Congress. The Governor should appoint her.

We are grateful to Senator Feinstein, and are the beneficiaries of her lifetime of public service .

We now ask our longtime friend and historic leader to go out on top and leave them applauding and cheering.